How Easier Access To Protection Orders Could Help Victims of Violence

By  Gary Vulg |   | Posted in " Asset Division, Child Custody, Child Maintenance, Divorce, Family Violence, Separation Agreement, The Hague Convention "

How Easier Access To Protection Orders Could Help Victims of Violence

Family violence is something that has negative social, financial and health impacts on those directly involved. It also affects friends and family, colleagues, community, and society at large. However, with family violence being taken more seriously in Canada, protection orders have become easier to come by.

As judges and lawyers become more sophisticated in detecting elements of family violence requiring protection orders, trends are developing, making Protection Orders easier to obtain for people who really need them.

In cases of genuine need for protection orders the same trends develop over and over again in the facts. As strategic and effective lawyers, we are able to make submissions to the judge showing the existence of these fact trends to show that the protection order request is genuine. However, there must be at least some recency in the allegations made in order to support a request for a protection order.

On the other hand, we also make submissions to the judge showing how the request for a protection order is not genuine.

As part of the Canadian government’s efforts to stop family violence, under their Family Violence Initiative, they have brought together fifteen federal government departments and agencies to prevent and respond to family violence. To learn about the Family Violence Initiative, please click here.

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