How Gary Vlug Barrister And Solicitor Helped A Client Get Child Support

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How Gary Vlug Barrister And Solicitor Helped A Client Get Child Support

Have you ever required child support but couldn’t figure out your way around Family Law?

The offices of Gary Vlug Barrister and Solicitor aim to help you when you need advocacy, advice, and information right from your initial consultation to the resolution of your case. With more than thirty years of experience at all levels of BC courts, we offer guidance in matters related to Divorce Law, Child Custody Law, and Family Law.

Assisting with child custody and support issues is an important legal service that we provide. Any concerns related to children with parents who are separating, separated, or divorced are emotional, complex, and delicate. Gary Vlug Barrister and Solicitor handles each case with care and compassion. Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client obtain child maintenance.

The Challenge: Child support for an adult child

Child support is a major bone of contention between couples who have separated or divorced. While the amount of child support is generally decided at the time of a divorce, there are some cases where the amount becomes disputable.

In one case, a client approached us seeking child support for an adult child who was spending more than the usual four years to get a degree in post-secondary education.

An adult child achieving a bachelor or similar degree is fully eligible for child maintenance. However, as the adult child was pursuing the same degree for beyond a four-year period, it had to come under the purview of the court.

Our client needed financial support to help their adult child finish their education.

The Solution: Pushing for the greatest amount possible based on circumstance.

The price of higher education is known to be expensive and as a single parent, it is often difficult to support your child financially. We understood the plight of our client, whose child was dependent on her and tried to get the greatest award possible considering all of the circumstances.

By going down this route, we were confident that our client’s child would benefit from the financial assistance. When the case ended, though our client did not receive the greatest amount, she received a very significant amount that would go a long way in helping the child complete the degree course.

While it is settled law that an adult child achieving a bachelor or similar degree is still fully eligible for child maintenance, the issue of adult children beyond a four-year bachelor degree is not yet settled law. Sometimes a contribution is required from the child and sometimes it is not. In this case, the mother of the child sought child support to ease the financial burden she was reeling under.

As per the order, the payor had to shell out thousands of dollars retroactively as up to that point, too little was being paid. Through working with our firm, our client was able to fund her child’s education while staying financially stable herself.

The Bottom Line

With over two decades of experience, Gary Vlug Barrister and Solicitor understands that dealing with legal issues can be stressful, which is why we aim to treat our clients with respect and strive to help improve the lives of children and their families. Our goal is to support and guide you through your legal issues and do our best to negotiate a peaceful outcome. However, if required, we’ll take your case to court.

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