Five Tips To Divorcing Your Spouse

By  Gary Vulg |   | Posted in " Divorce, Separation Agreement "

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Weddings are fairytales and marriages are dreams until the excitement wears off and issues escalate into irreconcilable differences. These differences often are the fundamental basis for seeking a divorce. Whether either of the spouses or both spouses want a divorce, the process of legal separation isn’t straightforward.

Being a turbulent time for the involved parties, the emotional and mental trauma of getting a divorce often plagues the judgment of individuals, which affects the smooth flow of the divorce process. To ensure there are no hiccups along your way, Gary Vlug Barrister and Solicitor has put together five tips to help you, if you plan on divorcing your spouse.

Tip #1: Get your original marriage certificate.

To get a divorce, you need proof of marriage. To begin the process, you need an original marriage certificate in English. If the certificate isn’t in English, head to a recognized translator and get it translated into English.

Tip #2: Serve your spouse.

Once you have filed your divorce papers, then you must serve your spouse.

Tip #3: Get an affidavit.

Once you serve your spouse with divorce papers, you must make an affidavit of service with a picture of him/her.

Tip #4: Wait for the spouse’s response.

Once your spouse is served with the divorce papers, you must wait for thirty days before you apply for divorce because your spouse has thirty days to file a response.

Tip #5: Have the court address all child maintenance issues.

If you have children, ensure that an agreement or court order resolves all child maintenance issues.

For many family law matters including divorce, child custody, and child maintenance in Vancouver and Abbotsford, BC, it’s ideal if the case can be settled out of court, but if it can’t, reach out to Gary Vlug Barrister and Solicitor. We offer expert legal advice for a separation, divorce, child custody, and maintenance, asset division, or the Hague Convention. We understand the difficult situation you may be facing and support and guide you through the legal process.

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